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The management team is made up of the Team Leads and the Finance captains. They are in charge of arranging all the funding for the year, as well as allocating budget to the other subteams, and managing the team's busy schedule. 


The design team is lead by the design captains and the Rules and Regulations captains. They are in charge of designing our bridge while following all of the competitions' rules. 

Fabrication 1.PNG

This team fabricates each and every single piece of our bridge. They receive loads of hands on experience at our schools' machine shops, as they learn to us the grinder, mill, bandsaw, drill press, and welder.

Construction 1.PNG

Practice, after practice, after practice, the construction team tries to reduce the time it takes to erect our final bridge. They are in charge of constructing the bridge during our competitions.


The public relations team, lead by their captains, is in charge of planning events to promote our team. They also manage our social media pages, and advertise about our loyal sponsors.

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