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2014-2015 Bridge

Design Summary


  • The Pratt under truss design was for its symmetry and repetition as well as its ability to accommodate simple connection details 

  • Structure dimensions were chosen so that the size of each component could be maximized while keeping the bridge compact as a whole


Acceleration Bridge Construction


  • Repetition of bridge components fabricated using jigs to avoid problems with tolerances

  • Use of lightweight hollow steel sections (HSS)

  • Splice plate connections are used throughout the entire structure for faster construction


Current Construction Sequence


  1. Four legs are placed and the first two truss components are connected to each leg

  2. Lateral bracing is attached connecting the two legs on either end of the bridge

  3. Repeating truss components are built to midspan with lateral braces connecting to parallel trusses simultaneously 

  4. Center truss components are installed at midspan to connect the two halves of the bridge together

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