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Help us build a bridge for the 2023 Competition!

As a sponsor, your company will receive special recognition that provides exposure to top civil engineering societies such as the ASCE and CSCE conferences. Moreover your brand will be promoted in the University of Waterloo open houses and student recruiting events.

Click here to view our 2022-23 sponsorship package.

An official sponsorship includes advertising by the team, but it is not tax deductible. A donation on the other hand is tax deductible, but does not entail any advertising benefits. Click here to donate to the team through the Sedra Student Design Centre.

Title Sponsorship

5000$ +

The Title Sponsor is a great opportunity for your company to prominently sponsor the University of Waterloo Steel Bridge Team. The Title Sponsor is recognized as our major event sponsor. On top of receiving all Steel Sponsorship benefits, the Title Sponsor will have their logo presented alongside the team name at all events. This includes all Student Team Showcases at the University of Waterloo, any conferences and design competitions. Additionally, the Title Sponsor will have their logo placed on the hard hats used for construction. Lastly, a three dimensional printed model of the bridge will be provided in the sponsorship package.

Steel Sponsorship

2500$ +

In addition to the Gold benefits, your company logo will be displayed on the front page of the team website and all social media outlets. You will also receive a sponsor gift to recognize your contribution as a Steel sponsor. The sponsor gift includes a video of the competition and a plaque to commemorate your generous contribution to the team.

Gold Sponsorship

1500$ - 2499$

In addition to the Silver benefits, you will receive a team t-shirt. Your company logo will be printed on the team t-shirts which is worn by all team members at all steel bridge competitions and events.

Silver Sponsorship

500$ - 1499$

In addition to the Bronze benefits, your company logo will be printed on the team sponsor board, which is present at all steel bridge competitions.

Bronze Sponsorship

100$ - 499$

Your company logo will be displayed on the team website. You will also receive a certificate and an annual photo of the team recognizing your sponsorship.

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