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Our 2021-2022 Bridge

Design Summary


  • Key design constraint was the disallowance of components above the bridge deck

  • Double undertruss was used to maximize usage of the design envelope, while still fitting member size constraints

  • Moment frames and lateral bracing were used to increase lateral stiffness and to prevent the trusses from buckling

  • Members were fabricated from square and rectangular HSS


Fabrication and Acceleration Bridge Construction


  • Fabrication was completed by the University of Waterloo Engineering Machine Shop

  • Bridge components were fabricated using jigs to avoid problems with tolerances

  • Only two types of connections (angle irons and plates) were used throughout the entire structure to ensure consistency

  • Members were labelled for faster construction


Current Construction Sequence


  1. The north legs are placed and the upper undertruss is built simultaneously on both sides and connected over the highway.

  2. The lower undertruss is built underneath.

  3. The west moment frame is connected to the north span, and then the south span is constructed in a similar fashion as the north.

  4. The east moment frame is installed to complete the backspan.

  5. The cantilever end on the east side and the lateral members are installed last.

Site Plan.png
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